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Ceramic Sinks

Our Ceramic sinks are individually hand crafted and finished in fireclay. Cool and silky to the touch, they have a hard
non porous surface giving excellent resistance to all commonly used chemicals and detergents and are extremely resistant to heat.

Essenza Ceramic
The Essenza is a sit-in, ceramic one and half bowl sink. The design features an expansive main bowl suitable for washing large non-dishwasher items and a compact half bowl. The half bowl is situated at the back of the sink to exploit maximum area for the main bowl. This unique design also features a subtle bow along the front profile, allowing the Essenza to harmonise within any kitchen design.

Geo Ceramic
The matt ceramic Geo offers the same innovative design and stunning good looks as the Geo composite version. Featuring the same geometric lines and unique square waste this proves a very practical and modern addition to the Studio range

Jersey Ceramic Sink
The Jersey sink features a spacious bowl and an elegant wide expanse drainer area. This stunning over-sized fireclay sink is a statement of function and design emanating quality and style.

Onesto Ceramic
The Onesto is an inset, ceramic one and a half bowl sink with large minimalist drainer. The expansive main bowl, suitable for washing the largest of non-dishwasher items, and a small half bowl make the Onesto the perfect multi function sink. The half bowl is situated at the back of the sink to exploit
maximum area for the main bowl and drainer. Its soft sweeping contours lead into the uniquely shaped, over sized main bowl.

Vero Ceramic
The Vero range of ceramic undermounts offers modern solutions and timeless beauty – the perfect complement to a contemporary kitchen setting. Simple undermount bowls perfectly complementing or contrasting solid surface, granite or
wooden work surfaces are featured in Pure White and Granite Black.

Aquitaine Ceramic Sinks
Solid, curvaceous contours and defined linear drainer pattern combine to create a ceramic sink at home in traditional and modern kitchens alike.

Belfast Ceramic
The Belfast is a timeless classic that brings charm and prestige to any traditional kitchen. Individually hand crafted and finished in fireclay, Our’s Belfast is silky to the touch with a nonporous surface. Incorporating a classically styled ‘weir’ overflow and thick bowl walls, the Belfast is the perfect accompaniment to any traditional kitchen environment.

Butler Drainer Ceramic
The Butler Drainer is a superb additional item to the Belfast sinks - sitting on top of your worktop it allows you to use it for draining or as an additional preparation area.

Canterbury Ceramic Sink
Manufactured from premium fireclay ceramic, the Canterbury is a modern alternative to the traditional styled Belfast sink.

Edinburgh Ceramic Sink
The bow fronted Edinburgh sink is an elegant spacious fireclay sink which offers a fresh alternative to the timeless classic Belfast.

Equinox Ceramic Sinks
Hand finished to give excellent quality, depth and texture, the Equinox range is undoubtedly the most contemporary, functional, inset ceramic available.

Lincoln Ceramic Sinks
The Lincoln range of ceramic sinks offers versatile styling with modern kitchen environments. The range features seven dimensional options including half, main and round bowls - each manufactured from high quality fine fireclay with a traditional high gloss finish.

Sudbury Ceramic
The Sudbury has very clean, angular contours giving a more contemporary look equally at home in both modern and traditional environments. Available in both single and a large double bowl version for ultimate flexibility. Both models are
capable of handling larger items such as grill pans and woks.